The EduCoin Platform is designed to be a blockchain-based decentralized global education service platform which facilitates the distribution of education contents and completion of education service transactions through its native digital cryptocurrency named EDU. In this open ecosystem, the participants from different countries and languages all over the world can provide online education services and share related contents in peer-to-peer way. EduCoin brings a brand new online education pattern to link all world’s education resources more transparently.
      Information Asymmetry
  • The teaching service process is not transparent.
  • It's difficult to obtain a real evaluation.
  • The pricing of service content is vague.
  • It's hard to control the learning process.
      Hard to Match and Link Resources
  • Regional teaching resources are not balanced.
  • Transnational resources can not be linked.
  • It's hard to choose the teaching tools.
  • Lack of high-quality teaching system.
      High Cost of Trade Friction.
  • High cost of customer acquisition
  • High management cost in teachers
  • Serious and widespread content piracy
  • Less investment in the research and development of teaching system
Evaluation Mechanism
Using AI technology to structure and digitize the whole process of teaching services and content enjoyed by consumers, quantitatively assess the quality of service, and combine with the evaluation of consumers to form a complete evaluation model. Using blockchain technology to record and save all the reviews, evaluation will be constantly updated and accumulated with multiple services, and these assessments can not be arbitrarily tampered with, but fully demonstrated on the platform. Any good service and content can be spread more effectively. The evaluation mechanism will also enhance the enthusiasm of the provider to improve its quality of service.
Matching Mechanism
According to the needs and characteristics of all sides, we will carry out the matching of global educational resources. According to the information and evaluation from service and content providers, at the same time, couple with the customers' demands, we will conduct intelligent matching and recommendation globally. According to the matching between providers and customers, the best quality learning tool is recommended to improve the teaching effect. Recommending different contents and services for different consumers of the world and providing appropriate disseminators for different providers, all these mechanisms will make the platform work more efficiently.
Pricing Mechanism
The system will make a comprehensive and scientific pricing of services and contents, and all kinds of learning support tools based on past evaluation data, and consumers will pay EDU by this price. Make high quality content and service providers enjoy higher returns, which can  enhance providers' enthusiasm, and gradually form the utility of good money to expel bad money. Actually make the balance between supply and demand for services and consumption. Combining the matching mechanism, the resources will not be too concentrated to effectively improve the operation efficiency of the whole system.
Allocation Mechanism
Establishing effective and fair allocation mechanism, except the EDU that customers pay to the providers directly, there will be a certain mechanism assigns the EDU to the platform participants and participants can gain what they worked. This mechanism can  encourage the teaching system developers, content service disseminators and evaluation system makers to be able to provide support for the entire ecosystem better. The fair distribution mechanism can ultimately ensure the orderly and healthy development of the system.
Platform distribution approach will be more reasonable and comprehensive, except the EDU that customers pay to the providers directly, there will be some mechanism to assign EDU to each platform contributor, which makes the whole ecological participants can gain what they worked and get a reasonable allocation. The methods also encourage the system developers, disseminators and evaluation system makers to be able to provide service for participants in the whole ecosystem better. The disseminator will be rewarded through the mechanism of distribution according to the effect for the contribution of the promotion service and content.
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